Webhooks & Exact

When working with Exact webhooks you have the possibility to subscribe to so called topics. Implementing webhooks makes your application and Exact connected without delay.

I could not find the list of available topics on the developer page. When searching some more I found this list on a forum:

  • FinancialTransactions
  • SalesOrders
  • SalesInvoices
  • PurchaseOrders
  • GoodsDeliveries
  • CostTransactions
  • TimeTransactions
  • Documents
  • Quotations
  • BankAccounts

Also the example of the notification you receive isn't correct, here are the parameters your receive:

  • Topic
  • ClientId
  • Action
  • Division
  • Key
  • ExactOnlineEndpoint

If you want to start working with webhooks register for a free account at the app partner center. You are provided with a dashboard and some pages that gives insight in app usage and registered webhooks. Also a log of notifications that are send is provided.

Important to notice is that webhooks will only work with SSL.

Happy coding!